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A high-quality mink fur captivates with its unique texture and its radiantly elegant sheen. Thanks to our cooperation with renowned quality stamps, such as Kopenhagen Fur, we are able to offer you the best mink furs in the most exclusive colour shades such as the rare deep black.

Buy your real mink coat at MANAKAS and experience a luxurious and comfortable wearing.



Chinchilla is considered one of the softest fur products and has a breathtaking coloring. Due to its hypoallergenic properties, chinchilla fur is very popular with allergy sufferers – it also caresses hypersensitive skin with its soft texture.

Choose a Chinchilla Fur Coat from our collection and enjoy an exclusive natural product.



Fox fur is one of the most popular fashion highlights on the catwalks of the world. Thanks to its plush texture, a fox fur coat gives its wearer the perfect combination of sensuality and glamour. MANAKAS’ fox furs come from the Finnish auction house Saga Furs, which stands for a wide variety of furs from strictly regulated sources.



The MANAKAS sable skins are characterized by an above-average fineness. Our luxurious sable coats owe their design to our long-standing cooperation with the coveted Russian auctioneer SOJUZPUSHNINA, who is highly regarded on the international fur market.

If you want to buy a sable fur coat that guarantees quality and appreciation, MANAKAS is the right choice.



The wonderful shimmer of Swakara fur is suitable for elegant creations and is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd on special occasions. You can buy your Swakara fur coat in exclusive, certified quality from us and convince yourself of the unique wearing comfort.

Get inspired; explore our unique selection of Persianer coats and shop your favorites.



MANAKAS Furs is synonymous with fine, high-quality products, that are made using the finest, natural, sustainable, and certified materials ensuring animal welfare and environmental standards. For over four generations, we have been shaping and influencing the fashion world with our exclusive designs, our attention to detail, and a high level of crafts skill that we put into making our unique Manakas garments.
Browse our gallery to find your own natural fur piece. Have a question for us? We would be happy to help.

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Manakas Frankfurt prides itself on providing sustainable, certified, and luxurious fur garments. Our brand values focus on three pillars.

Protecting the environment

Manakas Frankfurt brand heritage is solidly interlinked with natural fur. Fur is a sustainable, natural, and biodegradable material that is kinder to the planet. Natural fur also promotes longevity and slow fashion. Our fur coat is continuously serviced and can be handed down through generations.
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Nurturing communities

Manakas Frankfurt preserves the art of fur craft and its artisans. A thousand-year-old tradition of unique handmade skill involving a large community of artisans providing them with an income stream. By supporting the natural fur trade, the brand also contributes to protecting and nurturing indigenous communities, by promoting their traditional lifestyles and supporting their livelihoods to thrive.
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Animal welfare

At Manakas Frankfurt, we are diligent about sourcing working exclusively with certified farmers, governed by strict regulations and independent inspections, putting the animal welfare first. Manakas Frankfurt is a Furmark certified retailer. Furmark is a system that guarantees animal welfare and environmental standards, providing assurance, and consumer confidence in natural fur.
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