Brand Values

Manakas Frankfurt prides itself on providing sustainable, certified, and luxurious fur garments.

The brand heritage is solidly interlinked with natural fur. Natural fur is part of a sustainable, transparent, and certified production system that prioritises protecting the environment, nurturing communities, and ensuring ethical animal welfare.


Protecting the environment

By working with natural fur, Manakas Frankfurt plays its part in protecting and conserving the environment. Natural fur promotes the idea of longevity and slow fashion. Our fur coat is continuously serviced throughout their long lifetime; it can be handed down from generation to generation, and when its final owner decides to part ways with it, you can rest assured knowing it is largely biodegradable.

Natural fur processes are also waste-efficient. From farms transforming waste into high-quality fertilizers, biofuels, and biodiesel, and to Manakas Frankfurt generally adopting a zero-waste policy in our fur studio using every scrap. An ideal example to driving down CO emissions.

Nurturing communities

Manakas Frankfurt also plays its part in protecting and nurturing communities to thrive. By using natural fur, we support remote hunting tribes, from the indigenous Innuits of Greenland to the Nomadic Sami trades, by providing them with means to make a liveable income and nurturing their traditional lifestyles.

At Manakas Frankfurt, we also preserve the art of fur craft and its artisans. A thousand-year-old tradition of unique handmade skill involving a large community of artisans spread around the globe. We employ those skills men, and provide them with an income stream necessary for their livelihood.

Ensuring ethical animal welfare

At Manakas Frankfurt, we are diligent about careful and responsible sourcing through our supply chain.

We exclusively work with farmers who are part of the Welfur and Furmark ® programs, both of which are EU recognized, and governed by strict regulations and independent inspections by third party assessors putting the animal welfare first.

A small portion of our business revolves around wild sourced fur. Wild fur is highly regulated and recognized as a widespread aid to wildlife management to balance the eco system. Conservation programs are a necessity and will continue, with or without the fur trade. The fur trade creates purpose out of inevitable waste.


At Manakas Frankfurt, we believe in providing the consumer with full transparency across our supply chain, from farms through to our studios and shops.

We have been pioneers in piloting the launch of the very first global standard for natural fur production, Furmark ® and today being one of the first manufacturers and retailer in Europe to proudly be selling Furmark ® certified garments.

Furmark ® is a comprehensive global certification and traceability system that guarantees animal welfare and environmental standards. It has been developed by the International Fur Federation with input from LVMH Group and key brands.

Furmark ® certified products have a unique alphanumeric label code that provides full traceability details (fur type; fur origin, animal welfare programme; manufacturer; and place of manufacture), ensuring consumers can buy natural fur with confidence.

The system is based on independent science around animal welfare and the dyes we use to colour the pelts, these standards are then independently tested, and third party certified, and once cleared, we place a label with the QR code on the end product to ensure you know when you are buying a Furmark ® certified garment.

Our commitment to Furmark ® demonstrates Manakas Frankfurt eagerness to deliver transparent, and certified fur garments that consumers can confidently buy.