About us

Manakas Frankfurt

MANAKAS Frankfurt is the largest fur garments' manufacturer and producer in Europe, providing sustainable and certified luxury furs all over the world.

For over four generations, the Manakas family represents the main flagship of fur in Europe. The headquarters are based in Frankfurt, Germany & is internationally connected via a global business network of numerous showrooms spread all around the major fashion capitals.

Manakas stands for quality, craftmanship, elegance, and style - and a keen particular focus on sustainability and transparency through its operations.

With the company expanding and opening in strategic locations, and the undisputed entrepreneurial spirit of the family MANAKAS, the German brand continues to be a point of reference in the luxury fashion industry, dressing women and men of all ages with unique modern creations, blending tradition and innovation.


The ancient art of fur processing has its roots and centuries-old traditions ingrained in northern Greece, in a small strip of land, on the border of the Macedonian territory. There, breeders, tanners, dyers, producers, and processing companies, all host the entire manufacturing cycle of a single fine fur. Carefully curated and sewn with the passion and mastery of the hands of highly skilled craftsmen, in all its phases. And it is precisely from there that the history of MANAKAS originates.

For more than four generations, The Manakas family has handed down the ancient tradition of fur, though in constant evolution, and always in line with the values and aesthetics of the modern fashion world.